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HR Professional Woman

BACK HOME AGAIN Thelma Drake talks about transit, grandkids and bluegrass
By Teresa Talerico Since 2010, former state and U.S. legislator Thelma Drake has been working on the railroad. As director of Virginia's Department...
She's an inspiration Daun S. Hester serves in the Virginia House of Delegates
By Ben Werner Correspondent Del. Daun S. Hester may never fully know how she's inspired youngsters to do great things, but she prays they'll continue...
Getting to know Karen Jackson
By Susan Smigielski Acker   Poquoson native Karen Jackson is Virginia's secretary of technology. Appointed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Jackson was...
Mayor of Suffolk Linda Johnson works to help her city grow
By Sandra J. Pennecke Correspondent In a sense, Mayor Linda Johnson and the city of Suffolk have grown up together. It was 50 years ago when Johnson...
She's an inspiration - Jagdish Singh
By Sandra J. Pennecke Jagdish Singh tells story after story of the lives that she's touched - and touched her - during her life's journey....

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