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USAA to move 500 to Chesapeake

Updated: May 3, 2013 - 2:33 pm

Posted: May 3, 2013

By Lydia Wheeler

USAA is moving more than 500 employees from Norfolk to Chesapeake.

In mid-December, the financial services company plans to move the employees who deal with insurance claims from its mid-Atlantic regional office at 5800 Northampton Blvd. to the Battlefield Technology Center.

At 81,000 square feet, the new location is 10 percent larger than the current space, said Matt Walters, a USAA spokesman. At the new location, he said, employees will provide support claims for 9.6 million clients.

In 2009, USAA shifted 475 jobs from the Norfolk office to San Antonio and announced plans to move another 500 employees elsewhere in Hampton Roads. The company provides banking, insurance and investment opportunities to military members and veterans.

"In 2009, USAA made the decision to consolidate facilities and operations after careful analysis of our real estate and operational expenses," Walters said. "The decision was part of a broader effort to cut costs and reduce the amount of unused real estate."

But the employees kept in Norfolk have stayed put.

Built in 1992, the four-story, 319,444-square-foot building known as The Concourse at Northampton is owned by USAA Real Estate Co., headquartered in San Antonio.

In April last year, Amerigroup signed a long-term lease with the company.

"Total capacity is 1,900," said Maureen McDonnell, an Amerigroup spokeswoman. "We have about 500 associates there."

Amerigroup, a managed care health insurance company, also announced future plans to expand within the space.

Its goal: to have about 600 employees in the building by December, 1,250 by December 2014 and a total of 1,600 employees from various departments in the building by spring 2015.

Throughout Hampton Roads, Amerigroup has seven office buildings and as the company grows, McDonnell said more space is needed.

While USAA works to make room for Amerigroup, the company is adding offices in the area.

Last week, USAA opened its 16th face-to-face financial center in Virginia Beach at 4625 Virginia Beach Blvd. The new facility allows members to conduct video conferences with specialized USAA employees for services such as financial planning, mortgage applications and life insurance, according to the company release.

The facility also has self-service stations where members can access their accounts and conduct transactions using an iPad and USAA's mobile application.nib